Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hiking Anthony's Nose

Navigators Chapter 13 had a great first hike.  The trees were in peak color as we climbed to Anthony's Nose, a high rock overlooking Bear Mountain and the Hudson River.  Trevor led the group in finding North, following a trail, and a Trust Walk.  We saw toads, an incredible orange salamander, giant tadpoles, waterfalls, ponds and a rainbow of mushrooms.  Everyone was a trouper and did a fantastic job!
Preparing to Hike

 Trust Hiking is walking while blindfolded and being led by a partner.  This was very tricky, as the terrain was rocky, slippery --- and uphill!

The payoff: This incredible view of the Hudson River!

On top of Anthony's Nose

Of course, sitting on an old tree is good too!

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  1. And it was a gorgeous day :)
    Tommy and I are glad we could make it. Looking forward to the next one :)