Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alley Pond Environmental Center

Chapter 13 was lucky enough to get a spot for a Saturday morning program at Alley Pond in March, 2012.  Our instructor Kim brought out some of Alley Pond's animals to meet the group, and then took us for an escorted hike around the Center's Salt Marshes.

First we met Ash, the rabbit.  He seemed to really enjoy meeting Tommy and Phoebe.

Then we met Shy, the turtle.  He lived up to his name and did not seem to eager to meet any of us!

Finally we met Linda, a dove who only came to Alley Pond recently.  We were all amazed by her long tail feathers.

Luckily, after we met the animals, the morning's rain had stopped and we were able to take a look at Alley Pond's Salt Marsh, one of the few salt marshes left in New York City.

And we're looking forward to returning to help Alley Pond plant trees for Arbor Day!

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