Saturday, April 28, 2012

Arbor Day at Alley Pond

In celebration of Arbor Day, Navigators Chapter 13 Astoria headed to Alley Pond Park to help plant some trees!  Alley Pond supplied the trees and we supplied the labor.  We also brought a blueberry plant, which is native to Eastern Queens, to plant as well. This required quite a bit of teamwork.

We were happy to meet our newest member, Luca, as well.  After planting trees, we all enjoyed some lunch beneath the giant willow tree.

We were happy to meet Robin Bossert, the founder of Navigators USA, who paid us a special visit.
Robin and Trevor

And of course we made some time for play, as well!

What a great way to welcome spring 2012!

Upcoming Navigators Meetings:
May 20: Mass Meeting/New Members Meeting
June 9-10: Camping Trip!

Contact Rachel or Trevor for further information.

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  1. Between the kids, we must have planted 20-25 trees. I know M&A planted about 5 trees, and I barely lifted a finger (good thing the trees were so small!) A great day. Thanks Rachel and everyone who joined us!