Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stay Tuned for more information on our May 20th Meeting. We'll send out a survey ahead of time and follow up at the meeting so we can begin to shape the program around kids' and parents' needs. We're looking for your interests and involvement!

Camping trip preview information for June 9-10 (Let me know if there is gear that you don't have and don't want to invest in, as I may have some extras - Trevor):

Navigators June 9-10 overnight backpacking Gear list Overview:

We will drive to Fishkill, NY about 1.5 hours North of NYC to a private wilderness area. We will leave our cars and hike about ½ mile to a site where we will set up tents or tarps on 12’ x12’ wooden tent platforms. We will cook dinner on a campfire (probably hot dogs and s’mores) and then breakfast in the morning on a stove (probably oatmeal). We will hike out sometime mid-morning. We have a limited capacity (tent platform space), so communicate with me ( as early as possible to secure a spot. We will buy and bring the food, and will charge $20 per person for this and any sundries. Any money leftover will be put to paying for snacks, etc. for future trips. This is our first camping trip, so we’ll ask that children coming be accompanied by a parent. In the event of a forecast of heavy rain, we may choose to turn the trip into a day hiking trip – more on that as we get closer.

 Gear list:
* Lunch for Saturday afternoon arrival
* backpack for carrying equipment
* 1 hat – synthetic or wool
* 1 pair of hiking boots or high top sneakers
* 1 baseball-style hat (optional)
* 2 pairs of heavy socks – wool or wool substitute (if it’s cold, its good to sleep in a thick pair of wool socks)
* 1 fleece or similar jacket – Pay attention to the weather (forecast for zip 12524) and adjust accordingly)
* 1 waterproof jacket
* 2 T-shirts
* 1 medium weight long-underwear top
* underwear
* 1 pair of long pants – loose fitting and quick drying , nylon or 50/50 or 60/40 polyester/cotton blend
* 1 lightweight long-underwear bottom
* 1 folding pocket knife (adults), bowl & spoon, bandanna
* 1 head lamp or flashlight (with extra batteries & bulb)
* lip balm & sunscreen – SPF of 15 +
* tick/mosquito repellant
* sleeping bag (and pillow, if necessary)
* sleeping pad or yoga mat
* medications, if you need them (we will bring a complete first aid kit)
* toothbrush & toothpaste
* 1 small towel
* 1 large garbage bag or pack cover for rainy days
* journal, pen, camera, earplugs
* a little toilet paper (please NO baby wipes) and a personal waste bag (1 gallon zip lock freezer bag)
* 3-4 one-quart water bottles with water (we must carry in any water we will use)

We will bring a stove, pots, utensils, tarps/tents, guy line, first aid kit, dinner and breakfast materials, fire starting materials, toilet trowel, pot scrubbie, hand/dish soap, food hang bag and rope, map and compass. Some of this equipment will be divided among the strong when we prepare to hike in.

When we have a confirmed list of campers, we'll send out additional information and figure out travel arrangements.

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